A search engine rank checker lets you determine your position and determine how far you have reached your SEO aims. Otherwise known as SERC for short, it has helped a lot of websites achieve maximum ranking. With this tool, you could check all your keywords in a single time. Moreover, it lets you keep tabs on your progress when it comes to rankings over time.

The search engine rank checker or SERC will automatically queries several keywords on a chosen search engine set.  After this, the software will locate the URLs in a retrieved search engine answer pages and will then make a calculation of the respective positions and ranks of these keywords. This could help you check not only your website ranking but the ranking of your competitors as well. What’s more, the tool has unlimited projects, keywords and websites.

Whether you have only just begun your small business or you have an established business already, the SERC or search engine rank checker helps you track and check your SEO ranking.  The tool allows you to check your rankings in major search engines including Yahoo Search, Google, Bing and many more. With this highly effective tool, you will be made aware of your website position within the search results. In addition to that, this tool is designed to be quick and easy to use. This works via connecting to the Google toolbar backdoor URL. In this way, you could see the information you require. However, keep in mind that this tool is not meant to drive traffic towards your website, rather it is a tool that could suggest you what needs to be improved to be able to make your website more search engine friendly. It further provides you the chance to compete  the best search engine optimization software at a professional level.

Checking out your ranking through this checker and how they change, this allows you to:

1. Read the search results

2. Keep you informed when there are changes in algorithms

3. Appreciate and understand the general trends in algorithmic

Remember that search engines utilize a wide range of analysis techniques in order to determine Webpage Rankings. It would be hard to guess what algorithm is employed to be able to determine search engine rankings since this info is proprietary and closely guarded. The primary advantage of the ranking checker is that it helps you monitor your progress as you get on with your SEO efforts. You could identify easily which keywords that are already ranking well and build your success with a wonderful Search engine rank checker. There are several online rank checkers that lets you check your present rankings throughout all the major search engines. Below are some of the advantages using the checker.

1. Keeps an eye on your competitors

2. Will automate routines that used to steal many hours

3.  Evaluates results of SEO

4. Keeps tabs on all your listings

5. Alerts you if listings will drop in rank or dropped out of index

6. Highlights the visibility of search engine trends in time.